Our Story

I have worked in the carpentry industry for over 25 years and in that time cut through a lot of hazardous material that have a high risk of cancer-related illness.

I would barely ever use a paper mask due to the fact of comfort, and they aren’t effective as well as there is no durability to them. Paper masks were only good for 1 or 2 uses, then throw away for the rest of the day

It’s not only for the carpentry industry but is useful for joinery, plasters, painters, stone cutters, landscapers, machine operators, metal fabricators, auto fabrication, and many more related jobs.

I still work on-site today and see no-one wearing dust protection when it comes to using a saw, drill, grinder or even sweeping up at the end of the day. We are governed by OHS (occupational health and safety) that states on commercial sites we must wear-

  • Steel capped boots
  • Hi-viz
  • Hard hats
  • Ear & eye protection
  • Gloves
  • Long sleeve clothing

Yet nothing to protect your lungs, probably the most vulnerable health concern.

Think about the pollutants that are in just the carpentry trade with - glues, fibres, chemically treated materials for rot and white ants, plaster dust, the list goes on

When you think about it, the miners who worked in gold mines etc, back in the day didn’t live much older than 50, from breathing in natural dust, let alone the manufactured dust we breathe in today.

Men with facial hair, dusteaze seal out dust particles more efficiently than other regular masks that sit on top of facial hair.

I find the dusteaze are very comfortable and convenient. When I have my dusteaze on me I find I use it much more than I would have expected. The convenience of having it on me is such a benefit, for I use it all of the time when cutting all materials, as beforehand I wouldn’t have worn anything. Over time the dust would become detrimental to my health. The warnings are out there to use a dust mask when cutting, although no-one does, you’ve got to ask yourself, “why not”?

Have you ever wondered how much dust each day you would inhale? A one-off small amount probably wouldn’t harm, although prolonged exposure day after day, may almost certainly harm you.

It also helps with hay fever suffers, when they use it while mowing the lawns.

I’ve had such positive feedback from 90% of tradespeople alike, who do recommend dusteaze, as a better solution to everyday dust reduction and wear it proudly knowing they are reducing the amount of dust inhaled on site!